Nonfiction Editing

for professionals, academics, and creative nonfiction writers

You’re the expert in your field, and now it’s time to write it up. I’m glad to help, whether it’s coaching a book into being, developing your text into its best form, or simply line and copy edits of a text you already have. Tell the world what you passionately want it to know.

     what my clients say

“Mary’s encouragement and recommendations made my first attempt at writing a nonfiction book possible. Her editing helped immensely with structuring chapters and the book in general. Really couldn’t have done it without her.”
Wanda Swenson, physical therapist and author
The How of Ow: Everday Self-Care and the Art of Pain Relief

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your excellent editing and astute suggestions. You are a genius. I have rethought and rewritten and revamped.”
Luan Makes Marks, expert on Native American sacred sites
nonfiction writer, book in progress

“Mary DeDanan knows the craft of writing and she is professional. My book is cleaner and finer after Mary’s copy editing.”
Therese Ayla Kravetz, teacher and author
Why Zarmina Sings: 18 Steps to Live and Learn beyond Anxiety

“Well-written. Concise. Very, very productive. These brochures really work.”
Angus Powelson, owner
Oceanworks car repair

“Thank you very much for your editing, which makes my proposal more clear and elegant.… I am really grateful for this. I look forward to our next cooperation.”
Wei Yun Chung
doctoral candidate, geography
Cambridge University, UK

“It looks fantastic! Thanks to you, I can confidently submit this work to the graduate studies office. I’ve really appreciated your expertise and attention during the editing process.”
Michelle Revecho
MA interdisciplinary studies
Sonoma State University

“You’ve been an invaluable ally. Your intelligence, speed, empathy, and willingness to add creatively to the work made a difficult task go smoothly. Anyone who can help a prof be more concise and cogent, and less wordy, probably has my students’ thanks, too!”
Dr. Elaine Wellin
professor, sociology
Sonoma State University
(editing lecture series in PowerPoint)

“This is beautiful editing. A work of art.… This is so much better than I expected it could be.”
Dr. Patrick Hudson
emergency medicine
Oregon Health & Science University

“The editing looks great.… Thanks! You made this happen.”
Suzel Bozada-Deas
doctoral candidate, sociology
University of Southern California

“Excellent, Mary. I love it. This represents my point of view much more in depth and clearer than the previous chaotic one. As you said, ‘it tells a story,’ unlike the first version. So much appreciated.”
Shannan Hansen
undergraduate, sociology
Sonoma State University

“You have made excellent content comments.… [It] gave me a lot to think about and good organization/direction.… Also IT LOOKS GREAT!”
Maria Pozo-Humphreys
Ph.D. psychology
International University for Graduate Studies

“Thank you very much for your editing, which makes my proposal more clear and elegant.… I am really grateful for this. I look forward to our next cooperation.”
Wei Yun Chung
doctoral proposal, geography
Cambridge University, UK

“Mary DeDanan was a blessing. She was efficient, timely, thorough, patient, and very encouraging. Her skills are amazing. Knowing that she was concerned and compassionate about my dissertation helped make the final stretch a breeze. I could not have asked for better editor.”
Shani K. Collins
Ph.D. social work
University of Alabama

“Your editing services are outstanding. Thanks to you, I finished my thesis on time.”
Junis Warren
Ph.D. law and policy
Northeastern University, Boston

“Thank you for the great edits. I am so pleased with the work you did.”
Amina Alkandari
Ph.D. architecture
University of California Berkeley