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what coaching costs

Much of what I do for clients is organic, that is, crosses multiple categories of coaching and editing. Length of manuscripts vary greatly, as do writers’ skill sets, needs, and goals. As with all my services, I charge $40 an hour. This relatively low hourly rate (check around) is fair to both of us. We always discuss the work before we start, with clear estimates. Coaching as a stand-alone service is prepaid in two-, five-, or ten-hour blocks.

     what my clients say

“I’m loving it! I’ve gone through the diagnostic [report] and am super excited. Your thoughts and coaching are exactly what I have needed. I could not be happier. For the record, had I worked with any other editor, this story would not be possible. Your mentoring has made all the difference.”
Mike Nordenstrom, novelist
work in progress

“Mary’s insightful coaching and editing was essential in transforming my research into a successfully written honors thesis, which received the highest distinctions.”
Melissa Deas
BA sociology
Harvard University
(Update: Melissa’s thesis won the Hoopes Prize and was published as the cover story in Harvard Undergraduate Research Journal.)

“Mary’s skills have enabled me to enter the world of being an author. Her comfortable, nonabrasive style makes working with her a pleasure.”
Bruce Willey, hybrid fiction/nonfiction writer
Shadows of a Hidden Faith (in progress)

“You’ve been an invaluable ally. Your intelligence, speed, empathy, and willingness to add creatively to the work made a difficult task go smoothly. Anyone who can help a prof be more concise and cogent, and less wordy, probably has my students’ thanks, too!”
Dr. Elaine Wellin
professor emerita, sociology
Sonoma State University
(editing lecture series in PowerPoint)

“This is beautiful editing. A work of art.… This is so much better than I expected it could be.”
Dr. Patrick Hudson
emergency medicine
Oregon Health & Science University

“Mary, you are a rare gem! I am deeply grateful for your ability to coach me and my writing. You’ve helped me better connect with my audience using the tools of clarity, specificity and concept flow.”
Jeremiah Dees, principal fitness coach and founder
Integrative Fitness blog posts

“It looks great!… Thanks! You made this happen.”
Suzel Bozada-Deas
professor emerita, sociology
Sonoma State University

“Excellent, Mary. I love it. This represents my point of view much more in depth and clearer than the previous chaotic one. As you said, ‘it tells a story,’ unlike the first version. So much appreciated.”
Shannan Hansen
undergraduate, sociology
Sonoma State University